The DETOX Bullshit

‘Detox’ Your Brain. Spare Your Body.

Read the full article by Pushkaraj S Shirke, originally published in THE DNA.

detox drink with citrus in the glass

Every now and then I come across someone on a so called ‘detox diet’. It ranges from having only fruits or only fruit juices to even extremes like having only water. Some fancy forms of ‘detox’ diets also include specialised drinks and concoctions and ‘digestible’ bars and ‘detox’ pills. I immediately know that I’m talking to someone whose brain could actually do with a detox from all the utter rubbish it has been fed via fraudulent marketing, conventional wisdom, media propagated myths, and the random chatter of the misinformed but ever so opinionated public. Why? Because there is no such thing as a detox diet. And it’s not unusual to believe that such diets exist since we are all fed loads of these miracle pill concepts on a daily basis via the media, popular conventional wisdom and our own weaknesses as human beings. So for a change, let’s look at some facts and detox the brain of years of misinformation with some science and logic.

Despite the concept of a detox diet being absolutely fraud, year after year there are new variations of it introduced, that helps sell millions and billions worth or products and millions of people follow it. Why? Because psychologically, people love to believe that doing something for just a few days would cleanse their bodies of years and years of abuse. Just like people believe that taking a dip in the Ganga would rid them of all their sins — no matter what they are. Logically speaking, it is downright stupid; but, to the human mind looking for excuses and a quick exit, it is the magical gate to getting rid of self-blame and silencing your conscience.

Fasting and various forms of fasting should not be confused with arbitrary ‘detox’ diets. I, personally, am a firm believer in the power of fasting. Fasting, unlike a detox diet, is scientific and has a purpose. It not only builds will power but also allows your digestive system to reset the production of digestive enzymes. But fasting done the religious way is downright ridiculous since you are not really fasting in those ‘fasts’, ending up hogging on all alternate, unhealthy foods all day.Fasting, without eating anything at all, doesn’t detox your body. It only helps you reset your digestive mechanism, making it more efficient.

A slow and steady, well calibrated, scientifically and nutritionally sound diet that can become a part of your sustainable lifestyle is the only way to reclaim your body and in the process, ‘detox’ it. But, if you, like most people, fall prey to the thought that there is an easy way out, you could unfortunately get conned of your money, your time and maybe even your health and well-being too.


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