‘Detox’ Your Brain. Spare Your Body.

Every now and then I come across someone on a so called 'detox diet'. It ranges from having only fruits or only fruit juices to even extremes like having only water. Some fancy forms of 'detox' diets also include specialised drinks and concoctions and 'digestible' bars and 'detox' pills. I immediately know that I'm talking … Continue reading ‘Detox’ Your Brain. Spare Your Body.


Inspirational Fitness Legends from ANW

Kacy Catanzaro - the woman that made woman power a power to reckon with. Artis Thompson - Even a prosthetic leg didn't stop this man from his dreams. John Loobey - 64 Years old, and still an athlete in heart, spirit and body!   Curated by Pushkaraj S Shirke Director, Project Battlefit

Behind The Scenes of a Fitness Photoshoot

Article by Pushkaraj S Shirke As Published in Krunch Fitness Magazine, December 2016. The three most important elements of fitness photography are Lighting, Lighting and Lighting. The other essentials are knowledge of physiques and musculature, knowledge of prep coaching and competitive fitness, and ofcourse - an artistic perspective. As a fitness photographer, I have been … Continue reading Behind The Scenes of a Fitness Photoshoot

The TRUTH about ‘BODYBUILDING’: The Sport, the Science, the Philosophy.

  How many of you have come across a bodybuilder? What do you think is a bodybuilder? "A guy with huge muscles is a bodybuilder" is the stereotypical dummy answer. And this stems from the fact that there are a lot of misconceptions and myths surrounding bodybuilding. So lets try to deconstruct it to its … Continue reading The TRUTH about ‘BODYBUILDING’: The Sport, the Science, the Philosophy.

The FRAUDS, FADS and FITNESS Fakes That are Killing You

The thing is, even the press today, is not 'FREE'. The lies that are most expensive are the ones that are packaged as the most convincing truth. The NEWS is PURCHASED as advertising slots. Advertorials. And articles with vested interests. Don't you ever wonder how a down an out actress/actor suddenly pops up in a news article without reason? Well, they pay to be featured. And that is how it works. And it is killing you!