Self Defence

Project Battlefit is dedicated to encouraging the adoption of Self Defence Skills as a basic life skill education for all individuals – school kids, working professionals, men, women, old and young.
We encourage a blend of KravMaga, JiuJitsu and MMA as a training system for highly effective self defence that goes beyond fancy dojo choreography and transcends into practically applicable survival skills.

Project Battlefit collaborates with Krav Maga Global India – the indian arm of KRAV MAGA GLOBAL, the world’s premiere Krav Maga education body founded by Eyal Yanilov, to help spread genuine education of Krav Maga across the country, through regular classes and workshops. Krav Maga is the battle tested system of combat developed by Imi Lichtenfeld to help Jews fight against Nazi oppression. Known for its simplicity and effectiveness, today, it is the combat system used by the Mossad and the Israeli forces and military forces across the world.

The Jiujitsu and MMA system of Project Battlefit is derived from Warrior’s Cove MMA and has been battle tested to be effective in the highest echleons of Indian MMA. At Project Battlefit, we extract and focus on the aspects of the sport that are highly applicable to self defence and help in pressure testing and conditioning of the subjects.

Regular Classes

Regular classes are conducted in Metros Pan India.

The ones approved by Project Battlefit are:

Delhi at The Combat Laboratory

Gurgaon at Warriors Cove MMA

Mumbai at Ultimate Fitness and MMA

Personal Training

Individual Personal training for Krav Maga and Self Defence Skills is for those who are pushed for time or have to cover a specific array of skills for a certain undertaking or purpose – including individual high risk destination travel or for film choreography.


For corporates, schools, colleges, and other groups, seminars and workshops are a way to introduce key skills that could save lives in times of crisis and open people’s eyes to what is possible with just a little training and correction of a few common habits.

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Pushkraj Shirke
Director, Project Battlefit