K11 Trained in Strength and Conditioning Coaching, Personal Training and Nutrition and a martial artist by passion, Pushkraj takes his own progressive education and training seriously. As logged on his highly popular blog and instagram feed, he also counsels individuals towards various fitness and athletic goals.

Pushkraj is a fitness columnist for the popular daily newspaper – THE DNA. He is also the official consultant to various professional athletes and sporting bodies and manages the athletic progress and training of some of the most  olympic potentials in the country in co-ordination with his own coach and mentor – Kaizzad Capadia.
The Battlefit Method: Fitness Counselling with the Mind First Approach
His unique background in psychology and fitness science enable him to not just create training programmes, but to also counsel his clients on building a lifestyle out of their fitness journeys. His Consultation Packages provide for continuous mentoring and guidance on nutrition and training with weekly updates provided to him directly.
A lifetime fitness approach developed on continuous mentoring, practice and progress ensures that his clients don’t just achieve their goals, but also develop a broader outlook of their fitness needs and work on building them into their lives as a constant, ongoing process and not just another ‘quick transformation’ story that returns back to square one soon after.
Ketogenic Expertise:
Pushkraj is a keen proponent of the Ketogenic Diet helping his clients lose upto 8 kgs (maximum recorded among his clients till date) of fat a month without getting weak or unhealthy – month after month. He also uses the revolutionary high fat diet to help his athletes get stronger, leaner and faster in general or to excel at a certain sport.
Pushkraj also founded Project Battlefit as a means to promote, support and also organise events that build upcoming sports and activities that need more visibility and gives struggling athletes that platform they deserve to grow.  Gymnastics, Autocross, Motorbiking, Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, Traditional martial arts and MMA are a few of the arts and skills that are actively supported by by him today.

You can get in touch with Pushkraj for a consultation at credosian@gmail.com
or book an appointment via whatsapp on +91 8879002253