Workout Plans

EASY LEAN 30: Home Workouts


EASY LEAN 30 is an online nutrition and training consulting programme for beginners and intermediate level individuals who are looking to lose fat and get fitter.
It includes:
1. Diet Plan
2. Basic Supplementation plan
3. Workout Plans (optional)

May it be a working professional, a usual gym goer or a house wife, this plan is designed to work for all levels. except a professional athlete. Coz once you see results, there is no turning back.

The workout plans are absolutely free.
So what are you waiting for?

Join in.

-Pushkraj Shirke
K11 Trained Fitness and Nutrition Consultant & Strength Coach
Krav Maga Trainer
Director, @projectbattlefit

The diet and programming though, is available for a nominal fee.
Advanced Coaching and Mentoring Programmes and Athlete Management is charged separately.

Kindly bear with us. This page is currently being revised to include updated more workouts, workout plans and videos.