The Battlefit Life Podcast

Catch Pushkraj Shirke in candid conversations and mindful explorations with some of the most interesting and influential experts and professionals from various fields related to fitness, sport and active living who are walking the talk of living a Battlefit life.

#TheBattlefitLife with MMA Coach Jitendra Khare Head Coach of India’s Top MMA Team ⁣ @teamrelentlessindia ⁣ Founder of @evolutionfitnessandcombatsport academy⁣ Brazillian Jiu-jitsu Purple Belt ⁣ And Technical Head of the Prestigious Fight Promotion Company⁣ ⁣ Join us live as we discuss Mixed Martial Arts as a sport and a lifestyle, its business and future in India and get a little candid and personal with his own life journey in the process. ⁣

Elite Master Trainer – Fitness First Middle East (UAE) India’s First International Kettlebell Sport athlete K11 school of fitness sciences certified Master Trainer and Trainer for Special Populations UAE Trainer of the Year – Silver ⁣ ⁣ Discover how Abhinav, fondly called “motey” by his friends (slang for fat), transformed his body and his life to become the top most personal trainer in Dubai today. Join us as we talk about the industry, about personal transformation and the misplaced beliefs about success and struggle in the field of fitness. ⁣

#TheBattlefitLife ⁣ With India’s Top Grappler and BJJ coach – Ashwin Hoon, ⁣ India’s Top Grappler – @adccindia Absolute Champion⁣, BJJ – Purple Belt,⁣ Owner and Head Coach of @warriorscovemma ⁣

Pushkraj Shirke gets into a candid discussion about self defence, krav maga, civillian vs millitary techniques and confidence building via combative training with Ron Engelman. They also discuss their mutual love for jiujitsu and muay thai and how it factors in enhancing skills that complement krav maga and how we can enhance the effectiveness of training for making it even more real world and street ready. Ron Engelman is a Master Sergeant in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), a combat veteran of Second Lebanese War and multiple counter-terrorist operations (2001-Present), Senior Military Krav Maga Instructor, Founder of Krav Maga Defence Institute (Australia) and Head Instructor of Krav Maga Israel.

Pushkraj Shirke (Director, Project Battlefit) gets candid in a 2 way conversation with his friend, fitness consulting client and Project Battlefit Fitness Icon – The super talented Bollywood and TV actor Eijaz Khan. They discuss about training with injuries, maintaining longterm fitness for the screen, the challenges of looking good on screen, the rampant misinformation and steroid abuse in the influencer era of media and much more. This chat is as unscripted and candid as it gets, so forgive the arbit skips between hindi and english as they converse on topics that really intrigue them and in the process use the moment to educate the listeners about genuine fitness and lifestyle management – with a few valuable tips for aspiring actors thrown in at the end.

In the newest episode of #thebattlefitlife , Pushkraj Shirke @credosian gets into a candid talk with Mike Murrell @cavemikebjj – a black belt in Judo and BJJ, and coach to India’s top Grappler and BJJ Champion. They discuss how Mike overcame obesity and being bullied with martial arts, his fumbles with early years in martial arts as a self defence tool, the difference between martial arts for sport vs self defence and all things jiu jitsu – especially leg locks, on the street.
Towards the trail end, the discussion veers towards the inclusivity of sport, the importance of building a legacy and giving back to society, and life as a full time sports person.