Battlefit Associate Brands

Tego Fit

TEGO is premium gear for the modern everyday athlete. They filter out the hype to create products that are engineered with integrity to help you win your sweaty battles. Every product they have is ENGINEERED to solve a problem faced by true fitness enthusiasts – recreational to professional. With every product built to a quality standard that Project Battlefit is proud to be associated with.


From the makers of Go Cheese, Govardhan Ghee and Pride of Cows, comes India’s very own home grown Whey Protein – Avvatar Whey Protein. India’s only truly made in India protein supplement that is at par with internationally imported whey protein and is making waves in the supplement industry today.

Warriors Cove MMA – Leverage Fight Night

India’s Top Grappling and Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu Training academy and MMA hub based in Gurgaon & India’s biggest No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu Submission Only Tournament.

Performance Centre

A gym that perfectly blends fitness, athletics, strength and mixed martial arts to offer a comprehensive fitness profile to every client with a unique training model, Performance Centre is one of the finest gyms in Mumbai.
Project Battlefit is proud to be a founding entity in this unique fitness destination.

K11 School of Fitness Sciences

India’s leading fitness education centre known for revolutionising the Indian Fitness Industry and setting the bar for modern day fitness professionals – from celebrated coaches and nutritionists to fitness industry entrepreneurs. Respected across the country and worldwide, K11 is where most of the top careers in fitness begin.

Big Flex

Bigflex is a Sports nutrition and nutraceutical brand for people who desire to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Bigflex sports nutrition products are formulated & researched backed with Special effort given on Quality and efficacy of its products.
Bigflex aims to create a New Faith in the ability of Indian sports supplement industry by delivering great quality products with Real world result oriented formulations and efficacious ingredients .

Team Relentless – Evolution MMA – X1 FC

India’s Top MMA team – Mumbai’s Finest Premier MMA Gym – India’s home grown MMA fighting championship and promotion.

The Combat Lab

The finest fully equipped MMA-Self Defence-Strength Training facility in Gurgaon. The training centre for the current National Grappling Champions and Leading Pro MMA champions of tomorrow.


One of the most respected names in fitness equipment from personal use to commercial gym set ups, Fitline has been making its mark in India for over 25 years.