Fitness Consulting

The right counselling can help you achieve the results you’re looking for.
Whether your goal is to lose fat, get strong, improve sports performance, reach certain specific stats for a modelling or acting gig, or to overcome diabetes, PCOD or other lifestyle related diseases – it is best done in a way thats sustainable and not a deterrent to living a good quality of life.
A few of the common consulting options are listed below. For actors and models prepping for shoots, private consultations are recommended.

EASY LEAN 30: 30 Days to a Leaner You

Fat Loss is the easiest thing to attain with the proper nutritional guidance. The right kind of training, only makes it more efficient.

For years I consulted athletes and individuals with specialised needs to push them to the optimum levels of performance and aesthetics.
But when it comes to the general public that’s just looking to lose a few pounds and get fit, they don’t really need that high level of guidance and counselling – what they need is to have is the guidance to apply the very basics of scientific nutrition and training.

So after much thought and consideration, I finally came up with a no frills programme called the EASY LEAN 30.
It’s an affordable, online nutrition and training consulting programme for beginners and intermediate level individuals who are looking to lose fat and get fitter.
It includes:
1. Diet Plan
2. Basic Supplementation plan
3. Workout Plans (optional)

May it be a working professional, a usual gym goer or a house wife, this plan is designed to work for all.
Ofcourse you always have to option to upgrade to personalised counselling and coaching, but the first step is always to get started somewhere.
And this, is designed to be the perfect first step.

Coz once you see results, there is no turning back.




Sessions: 2
Duration: 1 Month
Price: Rs.10,000/-

Ideal for:
– Health Issues
– Obesity
– Illness Recovery

Want to tackle obesity?
Manage diabetes?
Overcome PCOD?
Or just live healthier and avoid hospitalizations?
Discover how to eat healthy and live a fuller life through the right nutrition.

Whether its via dietary ketosis, low carb, paleo or just simple calorific and macro nutrient management, learn how to reach your goals in the simplest way possible.

Project Battlefit NUTRITION COUNSELLING is available in a single counselling session option for those just starting off on their fitness or wellness journey.

Once you see the results, your free to take the journey forward by upgrading to mentoring plans for more specific goals.

As they say, the longest journeys become easy when you just think about taking just one step at a time.

Start your first step towards a better, healthier, battlefit you, today.


Sessions: 6
Duration: 3 Months
Price: Rs.20,000/-

Ideal for timebound, focussed individuals for:
fat loss
– muscle gain
– health & fitness improvement

Ideal for athletes for:
Performance Enhancement
– Endurance Improvement
– Strength Gain
– Power Development
– Athletic Conditioning
– Competition Weight Cut/Gain

Are you really focussed on getting to a goal?
Do you have a specific timeline in mind to reach a fatloss/musclegain/performance enhancement goal?
Then the Battlefit FITNESS CONSULTING plan is the best way to go.

Starting off with a 2hr counselling session that objectively evaluates your goals and provides a realistic picture of what is really achieveable and what are the pros and cons of it – we then design a diet and training protocol that gets you to your goal in the most efficient way.

Your progress is tracked on a weekly basis with monthly reconsults to tweak the planning to accelerate or decelerate the programme depending on your performance and progress or setbacks if any. You also have access to unlimted QnA via whatsapp to handle any queries that you might have at any time.

The process of continuous mentoring is a tried and tested method that guarantees to get you to your goal by continuous mentoring on your 3 month journey to your chosen goal.


Sessions: Unlimited*
Duration: 1 Year
Price: Rs.35,000/-

Ideal for:
Career Athletes
– Actors
– Models
– Extremely Busy Professionals

– Frequent Travellers

Committed to a Fitness Lifestyle?
Whether it is as an individual who wants to go beyond the typical 3 month transformations or as an athlete who is dedicated to keep continuously improving his or her performance, Battlefit Lifestyle Management programme makes all the difference.

With annual goal planning on both macro & micro levels, unlimited reconsults and dietary and training formatting adjustments, the BLM programme keeps you progressing no matter what.

This includes season planning and injury down time management for athletes, vacation and travel fitness planning for frequent flyers, and access to a wide range of affiliated experts from different associated fields like physiotherapy, orthopaedics, specialised coaches and training centres and more. The programme also includes automatic discounts on supplementation and training gear from the best brands – saving you way more money than the membership fee itself over the year.

Let’s build a new you, together.

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