Athletes, Business Folk, Home Makers, Models, and Actors alike have undertaken Project Battlefit and come out with amazing results and experiences to share – not just in terms of their body, but in terms of their quality of life and performance as well. Here’s what a few have to say about their Battlefit Journey.

Having gone through most of the varied diets out there (vegan, paleo, high protein, low carb, atkins etc) over the years, I was referred to Pushkaajr through a common friend in March of 2018. At our initial consultation meeting which lasted well over 2 hours during which I was inundated with information about Keto, I had a lot of apprehensions as we have all been force fed with misinformation about nutrition, and especially about fats, throughout our formative years. Fast forward to 2 years later and I can say that I no longer consider keto a diet, rather a lifestyle to me. Besides the obvious fat loss transformation (28% initially down to 12.4%), I continue to experience all the wonderful benefits of the keto lifestyle – elevated energy levels throughout the day without any crash, alert and focused mind (from having gotten rid of the brain fog caused by sugars), vastly improved quality of sleep as well as clearer skin. The positive changes have been so immense overall, that we are now a keto family (sister, brother, bhabhi and myself) have all adopted the keto lifestyle. Pushkar also guided me with keto fasted training and keto intermittent fasting during 6 months spent doing extremely challenging fitness training camps in Phuket and Bali. I have learnt so much from him, and am certain I will continue to…

– Vivek Mulchandani

Always been a little over weight and I hate it. Last year with lockdown and lifestyle challenges, things became worse.

Though I have always loved working out, without enough results consistency has been the main challenge.

Knew Pushkraj Shirke is @projectbattlefit for a long time have followed the fitness and diet suggestions he talks about. This time decided to give it a shot. And it has worked wonders.

There is hard work and commitment of course, but nothing works better for motivation than consistent results over 3 months.

Down 16 KGs, despite the lockdown and two hectic travel projects in between, and also stronger than I have ever been in the last 7 years. Will continue this journey, it just keeps getting easier with each passing day.

– Ninad Mirajgaonkar
Professional Autocross Racer
Head of Revenue, @powerdrift

I am 35 years old and I have been sufferring from diabetes since past 8 years. Was on regularly medications but still had symptoms of diabetes like mood swings, uncontorllable hunger pangs, muscle aches,etc. Being a doctor myself I was clueless how to get my blood sugar under control and also get back in shape to lead a healthy life.

I have been following Pushkaraj ( @credosian ) since a long time and I knew he was strong believer of the ketogenic diet and preached it too. Seeing his daily social media feeds encouraged me to try keto diet as a last resort to battle my diabetes and that’s how I got introduced to Project BattleFit. This battle I was fighting was with my illness and Pushkaraj helped me to win this over.

I met Pushkaraj and had an one on one counselling session with him. That opened a new world of possibilities and hope to me. As we started our journey together I could see considerable difference in my health from the 3rd day itself and today I am on my 4th month of his Ketogenic diet programming.

Am glad to say that my blood sugar levels are under control I don’t have any diabetes related symptoms and am completely off medication. Getting off medication immediately was not advised my Pushkaraj but it was a voluntary decision from my end as I myself am a doctor and saw that my blood sugar was entirely in control and I no longer needed the medication.

I started my Battlefit journey just before the lockdown happened in India and am glad I continued my journey through these testing times as people who are suffering from diabetes are more susceptible to infections.

I have made a decision to continue this lifestyle for the rest of my life.

Thanks Pushkaraj and entire team of @projectbattlefit for their guidance

– Snehal Sakpal

Playing volleyball, swimming and indulging in competitive sports and still wanting to lose weight without a drop in performance is a challenege. A challenge that became possible with Project Battlefit. Not just once, but thrice I have sought out guidance from Pushkraj and it has always been on point. He doesn’t just give you advice but also explains the science behind it, so you know its legitimate and will also withstand cross scrutiny from your own critical self. Once the science is sound, excuses are tough, and results are definite. I highly recommend Project Battlefit if you’re looking for more than just an insta transformation story.

– Purazar Fauzdar

I’m generally not into skin show, especially on social media, and mostly tried to cover up as much as possible all this time. I haven’t posted a fitness video till date. But I think it’s important to share this update.
About 15 years ago, I developed a rare condition in my right ankle, which no one could detect, that slowly but surely took away my athletic skills & body; to the point where I could barely walk 2 years ago. Thankfully I met a great surgeon in 2016 who could repair at least 75% of the damage. During my recovery, when I was mostly inactive, I packed on 10 kilos over the 10 that had accumulated over the previous years of deteriorating activity — which brought my weight to 80 kilos (175 lbs) in January 2018.
After a debilitating time of being stuck with all this excess body fat, finally a consult with Pushkraj got me back to my lean self. Back to a level i feel comfortable and beautiful in. The right diet and training made all the difference in bringing back my confidence in myself – with tons of help from mom, friends and my entire support system.

-Priyanka Manikeri

Fitness was something I been interested in even before start modeling. But I always found myself falling on the same circle of dieting and short term results that wouldn’t last.

A couple of years ago I decided to meet my friend @credosian of @projectbattlefit for a coffee and I started to open up about how frustrated I was and how stuck I felt regarding my fitness journey.

At that moment in life I was struggling a lot to get fitter for my job and new opportunities. I was obsessed only about the aesthetics and I was neglecting everything else that comes with a healthy balance in fitness. We then decided to try out different strategies that could meet my lifestyle and requirements.

He explained to me the science behind nutrition and the different approaches we can experiment. He made it clear how perfectly possible it is for ANYONE to achieve their aesthetics and health goals, enjoying their lifestyle at the same time.

As long as you are brave enough to try new things, have an open mind and willing to have consistency and patience towards your journey, long lasting results will come.

I will always be grateful for the support and the shared knowledge at that time.

Alana Krutli

Okay let me be true… Getting back in shape seemed daunting at first after a lot of failed tries, but Pushkaraj guided me how to eat intuitively and made various tweaks to the diet plan recommendations as per my eating pattern, travel schedule and other variables that would otherwise put me off track. He kept me centred and focused on small and attainable healthy wins, with just the right amount of encouragement to keep my momentum going towards the final goal. One tiny successful step per week made me feel good and more confident and Now that I have hit my goal, I am able to maintain the weight and shape with heathy dietary modifications as recommended by him. I am now capable of managing my lifestyle more efficiently by myself, making my diet and exercise, a part of my everyday lifestyle.

Thank you Pushkaraj 😊

– Vijaya Salunkhe

“Don’t chase transformations,
live and enjoy the pursuit of a better life.”

Pushkraj Shirke
Director – Project Battlefit