This Before After will give you a reality check you truly need

most before after are designed to fool you. here's one that's made to open your eyes to something you have been blinded to.



People counting calories to stay fit is like a child calculating his riches by counting the number of notes in a mixed currency stack. The child doesn't understand that each note can have a different denomination. Not just that, but even the fact that each currency has a different value of its own. For eg: … Continue reading STOP COUNTING CALORIES

Behind The Scenes of a Fitness Photoshoot

Article by Pushkaraj S Shirke As Published in Krunch Fitness Magazine, December 2016. The three most important elements of fitness photography are Lighting, Lighting and Lighting. The other essentials are knowledge of physiques and musculature, knowledge of prep coaching and competitive fitness, and ofcourse - an artistic perspective. As a fitness photographer, I have been … Continue reading Behind The Scenes of a Fitness Photoshoot

The FRAUDS, FADS and FITNESS Fakes That are Killing You

The thing is, even the press today, is not 'FREE'. The lies that are most expensive are the ones that are packaged as the most convincing truth. The NEWS is PURCHASED as advertising slots. Advertorials. And articles with vested interests. Don't you ever wonder how a down an out actress/actor suddenly pops up in a news article without reason? Well, they pay to be featured. And that is how it works. And it is killing you!

Coping With Runner’s shin splints, shin and ankle pain and more.

This was a comment thread on my old facebook community page 'project battleready' that i figured will be helpful for everyone with shin splints and shin pain caused by running. Sony Varghese: Dear curator, do you have any tips for relief from the aches and pains we get from working out. Not the 2nd day aches. But … Continue reading Coping With Runner’s shin splints, shin and ankle pain and more.