fat-and-hungry-project-battlefitNot all people who eat too much are fat, and not all people who exercise are lean. There’s way more science to being fat, active, hungry and lazy than just what conventional wisdom makes out to be.

Fat Shaming is stupid – because people aren’t just fat because they eat too much or are lazy… they are stuck in a vicious cycle of an unpardoning biological state. Laughing at a fat person is like laughing at a victim.
BUT that doesn’t mean that they are helpless – there do exist ways for them to break through that cyclical state of hunger and fatness – if they are guided the right way. but that takes knowledge, effort and patience. 3 commodities that are getting most scarce in the modern day of instantaneous graftification and mass commercialization.

If you are truly interested in knowing WHY we get fat, you will first have to unlearn a lifetime of  misinformation that you have gathered about food and nutrition. Only then can you comfortably grasp the facts that you are about to discover.
So even though the second video is about what makes being fat and hungry a vicious cycle, i suggest you start with the first video, and then get to the main one. These brilliantly made videos make it almost as clear as i could make in a short caffee table conversation and hence i have shared them here.

-Pushkaraj S Shirke
Director, Project Battlefit


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