Essential Micronutrient Supplementation for Athletes

The faster you recover, the more you can train.
The lesser you take damage, the more you can train.
The more you can train, the better your performance gets.
(unless you train like a jackass obviously).

Most athletes today get their macro supplementation right thanks to the widespread understanding about protein today – as compared to the yesteryears. But when it comes to micro nutrients, I have seen so many athletes being completely unaware, misguided or literally spending money on trash they don’t really need, that I just had to make this video. Fix your protein intake. Then fix your micronutrient intake. And then add all the various jhingbangs that the media tries to sell you.

As an athlete, you don’t want to just survive or be ‘ok’, you want to push the edge and outperform.
Which is why your regular dietary advice just doesn’t cut it.
Sports Performance Nutrition is about giving athletes that edge and keeping them progressing.

Consider this a free consult that will enhance your performance while also saving you a bucket load of money. Subscribe to the channel and share the video with your fellow athletes.

NOTE: This is for your essential performance maintenance. Does it have anabolic and performance enhancement benefits? Yes. But If your foundation is already solid and performance enhancement is your goal, there is another set of micros that you need to look at over and above these, which I will cover in another video shortly. As always, build your pyramid from the ground up.

If you find this advice helpful, check out the projectbattlefit website and youtube page for a lot more content like this.

Subscribe to the youtube channel as we will be putting a lot more content there as IGTV has a 15 minute limit and sensible content that is not clickbait or titillation, takes time. and we like to keep things real.

-Pushkraj Shirke
Fitness and Nutrition Consultant
Strength Coach
Krav Maga Instructor
Director, @projectbattlefit


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