The Third episode of THE MASTERCLASS OF MUSCLE explores the third of the most important triad of muscle building – THE BENCHPRESS. Kaizzad Capadia, the grand master of strength training, takes you through the fine details of the proper form and technique that can help you lift not just better, but stronger and heavier.

PS: THE MASTERCLASS OF MUSCLE was a show I had conceptualised and hosted with my coach and the foremost strength training authority in India – Kaizzad Capadia. The show was an AFP for Neulife, a supplement superstore brand I was managing back then.



Ex-adman. Film Director and Photographer. Fitness, Strength Training and MMA enthusiast. Critical thinker. And insane enough to publish materials for free so that i can be downright honest and un-cut and don't have to censor facts to suit sponsors and the 'profit' concerns of publishers.

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