Coping With Runner’s shin splints, shin and ankle pain and more.

This was a comment thread on my old facebook community page ‘project battleready’ that i figured will be helpful for everyone with shin splints and shin pain caused by running.

Sony Varghese:
Dear curator, do you have any tips for relief from the aches and pains we get from working out. Not the 2nd day aches. But the 3rd week onwards type persistent pains. 
  • Project Battleready Running on asphalt is bad for your joints. But if you are preparing for the marathon, you have to condition yourslf to run on asphalt. Treadmill running wont have a huge carryover in performance to running a marathon.

    Sony Varghese
     Yeah, the marathon is the goal. Though I was too late to register

  • Project Battleready Hahahahaha you’re welcome Sony Varghese. And don’t worry, I not into your body parts  you can work on them all for yourself. X-D

  • Project Battleready If the pain is in your shin area, you might be getting shin splints (micro fractures in your shin bone). You could do the following:
    1. Periodize your running into long run days and short run days. Put in rest days where you soak your legs in hot water. 
    2. Tape your shins with straps while running. 
    3. Wear shoes with well padded soles to avoid impact on the shin and joints. Try a brand called ‘asics’. 
    4. Have 3 tablets of ZMA at night before sleeping and 2 tabs of ccm (calcium citrate maltate) each in the morning and afternoon before your meals. This will keep your shin bone recovery at par. 
    5. Strength train your tibia to make it stronger. It’s the muscle at the fore side if the shin. When strengthened, it effectively takes a lot of the load while running. 

    Hope this helps,
    Do write back and lemme know how it’s going. 

    Sony Varghese
     Thanks Pushkaraj, I am obliged  In fact this whole decision to get out of my sedentary lifestyle and start running is all because of you. The constant peppy and inspirational posts you would put up on Facebook. Thanks for being my Dronacharya, just one request, don’t ask for my thumb or any other body part
  • Project Battleready thats fatigue most probably. make sure you ahve your proteins even on your rest days. get atleast 2 days of rest a week if you are a beginner. Keep your nutrition levels up. Hot water baths to improve circulation are recommended. 
    alternatively, you could use a product that has beta-alanine (a strong anti-fatigue agent) and aminos on a regular basis for a month or so.
    Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy Hi Geese of War. How long do you run in time and distance? If your shoes are old, that could be a cause too. Also, treadmill? Or asphalt?
    Sony Varghese Hey Vishwesh, All-Girls-Moshpit-Waale-Bhai, we run for about 7 Kms on an average, daily. On asphalt, flat road, uphill, downhill, Parsik Hill  The running shoes is new.
    Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy Okay. I used to get a tiny niggle in the part just above my heel that went away with exactly what Mr. Curator mentioned which is spreading out your distances over a week. Rest periods are crucial to successful runs. I’ve been running for an average of 5km everyday (30 to 31 mins) on a treadmill with one 10k a week. But not all 5kms feel the same depending on how much I’ve rested. So now, I split the 5 between a 3k + some weights + 2k and that way it’s increased my endurance when I do a 10k.
    Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy PS: Don’t hate me for it, but I prefer treadmills.
    Niel Pereira Sony the condition you have with your shins is known as shin splints.
    Project Battleready Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy replace the ‘some weights’ in your workout to heavy as hell weights – so that you force your body to develop type 2 muscle Fibers an strengthen both type 1 and 2 muscle fibers. Talk to Zeeba Khan If you like. She could consult you on weight training for running marathons. She’s currently off running te Amsterdam marathon, but Should be back soon.
  • Project Battleready Bombay is a shitty place for running outdoors. On the other hand, Newyork weather and roads make everyone a runner. Treadmills for us mumbai hamsters yeah!

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