Can Osteoporosis be Reversed? YES it Can.


What?? you have osteoporosis? Stay away from workouts and heavy weights. Stop Martial arts. Dont do this and don’t do that.

This seemed to be the common advice everywhere. BUT there was a way out. a radically different way.

Initial Diagnosis:
I have had 14 fractures till date. Thanks to osteoporosis that i get as a genetic gift. At just 28 years of age, i had the bones of an old man – with bone density touching -2.5. If i have an accident, i fracture. My wrists hurt. And if i run for more than 3 kms, i get sever shin splints. My neck has a severe loss of cervical lordosis due to constant neck and shoulder injuries – complicated by porous bones. At one point i was also recommended to get a surgery done to repair a cartilage that was totally damaged and jutting into my spinal cord causing blackouts. I was using 2-3 combiflams/paracetemol per day to deal with the pain and that was further ruining my bone density. Also being a coffee addict, i was having 12-14 cups of coffee a day – and the caffeine was again adding to my reduction in bone density.

For a person who loves activity – staying in bed and living a lethargic life is totally unacceptable. So though i took the recommended 2 years of rest for my severe cervical pain to heal, i used that time to research the hell out of the topic.

In those 2 years I researched everything from menopause caused osteoporosis to reduction of bone density in astronauts to the absorption factors behind calcium to the nature of osteoblasts and osteoclasts that are responsible for the maintenance of bone density.
I still keep on researching more whenever i can.

Whatever i derived from my research, i got to put into practice – not with a doctor, but through someon tottally unexpected – a master of strength training and fitness – Kaizzad Capadia.
And the results were AMAZING to say the least.

this was the diagnosis, 6 months ago. severely osteopineated and mildly osteoporotic.

here is an article from the socalled AUTHORITY on osteoporosis – it says that weight bearing activities like running jumping and skipping should be done to strengthen your bones – i did exactly the REVERSE. Coz these are the activities that cause severe splints not micro trauma – which makes mending the bone tougher. The doctor advised me low weights an more reps and running, skipping, jumping and plyometrics – and did one rep max and 3 rep max super heavy weight training.
so this is why i feel medical science is full of shit – i wasted 12 years following medical science and got NO results.

I will first detail the protocol i used and got results and then explain why and how it worked. 
The protocol:
TRAINING: HEAVY WEIGHT STRENGTH TRAINING 4 DAYS A WEEK – all heavy weights low reps (K11 protocol)
day 1: back – rear delt – biceps
day 2: chest
day 3: shoulder – tricep
day 4: quads – calves – hams

(the only reason i divided chest shoulder and tricep on two separate days is coz of my neck injury – i cant push all muscles of the upper body in a single day due to the pain)

10 whole eggs a day was added to my regular high protein high meat diet.
1000mg calcium citrate maltate with a cup of milk – twice a day. before breakfast and before lunch.
ZMA at night before bed.
No coffee. No aerated drinks. No caffeine in any way.

1. 2 Calcitonin injections with an interval of 15 days.
(i will be repeating these injections everytime my vit d3 levels drop – so it would be every year)

2. One osteofos 70 (bisphosphonate) on an empty stomach every week.
my recent dexa scan report showed so much improvement that the doctor was visibly shocked.
I went from osteoporotic to just moderately low bone density in a span just 6 months.

the loss of cervical lordoiss is still there but only due to muscle spasms – that should go away now with some muscle relaxants. a slight scoliosis of the spine is still evident, am working on that with regular physiotherapy.
There is no sign of any defibrillated cartilage anymore and nothing is jutting into the spinal cord anymore.

WHY DID MY PROTOCOL WORK – and why does the standard medical protocol fail?

Lets examine the high reps low weight – weight training protocol routine usually prescribed by doctors.
First, the low weight more reps protocol puts less weight on your bones and does not promote that high a development of muscle for you to be able to keep going heavier and heavier. I wanted to LIFT AS HEAVY AS I COULD. Coz with more load on my bones, i would be forcing them to build faster an stronger. Plus i also researched the fact that bones do not usually break under pressure, they break on impact. So the most optimal way to force them to develop, would be to place them under as much load as possible – with proper biomechanical form and technique so as to avoid injuries and keep pushing heavier weights. the more time my bones spend under heavy weights, the more they will eventually rebuild with cortical restructuring.

Now lets examine the running and skipping routines usually prescribed by doctors.
Coming from a background in martial arts and a grounding in physical training, i observed that shin splints and microfractures caused by high impact activities did rebuild the bone stronger – BUT IN NORMAL PEOPLE. For me(with osteoporosis), it was a nightmare. Having osteoporosis made it painful for me to recover from shinsplints caused by running and knee pain caused by skipping week after week. I figured that this wont work. I had to apply the highest amount of microtrauma to the bone, while reducing INJURY. Cause injury on an already injured body meant lesser training and slower recovery. So i actually CUT OUT RUNNING, KICKBOXING, JUMPING, SKIPPING and PLYOMETRIC WORKOUTS from my routine entirely for 6 months. Once my bones reach a density where they wont microfracture so much as to get splints at every workout, i will reintroduce all of these back slowly and steadily. But while the recovery is in progress, it was best to cut it out completely.
PS: i also had to stop biking for 3 months because of the stress it placed on my lower back and spine due to riding on potholed road, which is again continuous impact.

Now lets examine why i chose not to follow the doctors prescription for Osteoporosis entirely.
We tend to follow prescriptions blindly. But i had to ask what i prescribed to me and why.
What I realised that what the doctors are prescribing are outdated sources of certain nutrients and in outdated combinations that have now been proven by research to be ineffective.
So i chose to seek out all the nutrients directly from the best sources i knew. I asked Kaizzad Capadia to put me on a sports nutrition protocol used for athletes for the same reconstructive measures – only that i used it to get back to normal while athletes use it to get beyond excellence. Its nutrition – if t works for them, it would work for me at least a little. And it did.
For calcium, Instead of using the standard prescribed CALCIUM CARBONATE or MAGNICAL, we used Calcium Citrate maltate – which i much more readily absorbed by the body.
For magnesium, instead of using the prescribed magnical which is a magnesium and calcium combination – kaizzad recommeded using magnesium an calcium separately since both o them are heavy minerals and tax the body in terms of absorbtion. IE: taking magnesium and calcium together hinders absorbtion of both. So though magnesium is needed to absorb calcium more effectively, we spaced it in such a way that magnesium has already reached its half life by the time the calcium is consumed and the calcium has reached its half life by the time the magnesium is consumed – ensuring that the calcium and magnesium both are brilliantly absorbed.

The only prescriptions from the doctor i stuck to were the calcitonin injections and osteofos 70 (bisphosphonate) as i found that they id their job effectively and no other superior substitute was available.

Despite doctors theories about protein restricting calcium absorbtion, i continue on a high protein diet. Infact, i was on a bodybuilding ketogenic diet for 3 out of the 6 months. Because in my view, the researches one were not on people subjecting their bodies to the kind o load i was or on athletes. the research was done on common people living most probably sedentary lives. With the level of stress i was subjecting my body to, i had to use all the protein i could to rebuild it – and i did. And it in no way has hampered the development of my bones.

So that is all for my osteoporosis for now. NOW i am officially only slightly osteopineated. 
At level two, i might be experimenting with testosterone and nandrolone since testosterone is by far the most proven bone reconstructing agent known to man kind – though it is rarely prescribed in medical science against osteoporosis, it is used as standard protocol for accident victims and astronauts to rebuild bone density. Though i’m still contemplating about its dosages – should i take it in therapeutic doses or bodybuilding does is a matter that needs more research. Once i’m sure, i will be going ahead with it.

At level three, i will be putting my body through every athletic drill possible to bring the bone density back to normal. That will where all the martial arts and plyometrics and marathons will come back in.
hope to see light again at the end o these new tunnels.

Love and regards,
Pushkaraj Shirke

Kaizzad Capadia – Co Founder and Director of the K11 fitnes academy
a sheer man of science and muscle – and my mentor through this experiment of mine.

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