This Before After will give you a reality check you truly need

A Fitness Reality Check:
Fitness professionals are most often sharing pics of their ripped bodies and amazing musculature – often leading people outside the industry to build the notion that they are unlike them. That they can never truly achieve bodies like theirs.
Well, if we take genetics into consideration, that part is partially true. But 95-99% of what is achievable is achievable by all using proper training and nutrition science.

This here, is me. A fitness professional. Sharing my pic not at my best but at truly my worst condition in 6 years.
A 5 month break owing to back to back fractures due to accidents led to severe muscle, strength and cardiovascular capacity loss, and concurrent fat gain was the icing on that shitty cake.
For 2 months I had still controlled my diet, but later on I mentally gave up and then a month of depression took it’s toll.
Now that I’m finally back in the gym, it would be hypocritical of me to share my pics only when I’m back in shape. So to be factual and honest to my followers as always and to all people out there who are misguided by celebrities, I’m here, sharing this pic of me – all musculature flattened out, chubby tires to flaunt and at probably my weakest in the past 3 years.
My rebuilding journey has just begun. And if you start yours with me as well, I’m sure you and I will see that a spectacularly fit body is achievable by anyone.
Ps: my basic diet and training protocols are shared online on the project battlefit blog for free. You can always refer to them.

– Pushkaraj S Shirke
Director, Project Battlefit


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