IGNORANCE BREEDS HATE: the prejudice of Bodybuilding, death and steroids.

RIP Dallas. A young bodybuilder died after choking on his food. But the minute the news of his death came out, the general public started screaming ‘steroids’. If that is not ignorance, stupidity, hate and insensitivity , what Is?

Any time a bodybuilder falls sick or dies, the first thing people scream is steroids. Even when a bodybuilder goes to a doctor, most doctors offer zero knowledge, judgmental advice for free along with their consult. The ignorance regarding the bodybuilding is absurdly high. And therefore the hate.

A lot of the prejudice might be based in facts, but definitely not all of it. And that is why I encourage people to understand things before they make a judgemental statement that proves their ignorance. Be a little humble. Be a little kind. Be a little curious. And definitely don’t be an asshole.

RIP Dallas. You were an inspiration.


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