The Simple Dirty Secrets of Instagram Fitness Models

Spencer_corset_1941_before_after.jpgFitness is actually an internal concept. Its about how fit and capable your body is. But thanks to the media, it has become a visual concept. Its now more about how your body looks than about how well it can perform or how truly capable it is.
Instagram, a purely visual social medium has been the epicentre of the #visuallyfit madness. Tonnes of #fitnessmodels have sprung up out of every nook and corner and most of these are not even truly fit. The far end of it is nothing but steroids, photoshop, breast implants and cosmetic surgeries. But even on the lower rungs, there are hundreds of cheats used to ‘look fit’ by these so called fitness models.

This youtube video takes you through the 10 most common tricks used by ‘fitness models’ to visually fool people on visual mediums like instagram.

Remember, fitness is about performance and aesthetics and not aesthetics only. You not only need to look fit, but be truly fit too. And if you ever feel let down by the way you look despite having a fit an capable body, have a look at this video or just remember that real fitness, is inside out and not the other way round.

-Pushkaraj S Shirke
Director, Project Battlefit


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