Jamie’s Sugar Rush – How Hidden Sugars are Killing You Softly

Eating fat doesn’t make you fat. Eating Sugar does! Including hidden sugars (Carbohydrates, Fruit etc) And weight gain is just ONE of the horrible ill-effects caused by sugar. There are several neurological, respiratory and even digestive ‘diseases’ that sugar either directly causes or aggravates!

Here’s a documentary by the very popular #ChefJamieOliver on HOW MUCH SUGAR IS HIDDEN IN SO-CALLED ‘HEALTHY FOOD’.

-Pearl Vas
Project Battlefit


Ex-adman. Film Director and Photographer. Fitness, Strength Training and MMA enthusiast. Critical thinker. And insane enough to publish materials for free so that i can be downright honest and un-cut and don't have to censor facts to suit sponsors and the 'profit' concerns of publishers.

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