Fit Body Shaming: A New Social Media Low

There will always be fools, losers and people who cant accomplish anything and hence resort to shitting on others who can achieve something. People will always say things. Haters will always hate. you got to do what you got to do. don’t live for likes and comments – live for your PURPOSE.

This cyber bullying and trash talking is also faced by women who take up typically ‘masculine’ tasks in India. FITNESS and BODYBUILDING just happens to be more targetted and visible because the visual difference is very vivid.
The very concept of beauty for so long has been framed around the FRAGILITY AND HELPLESSNESS of women – which is why when now women pick up weights, get strong and even stronger than many men, that status quo is disturbed. Which makes weak men and even many women who enjoy the old status quo uneasy. and therefore the hate.
It could be simplified as ‘IGNORANCE TURNS TO HATE’. But this is so much more deeper than that.
A lot of my friends and female athletes are also subjected to the same kind of stupidity in society on a daily basis. And that ridicule comes from peopkle who dont even know that the shredded, ripped, super muscular structure they see is called competition condition and only lasts for 15 days – the rest of the year, these athletes look just like any other gorgeous women – ONLY MUCH STRONGER AND FITTER.
But it would be a waste of time to try and educate every fool – especially in this time of social media where everybody is a fucking expert. WHich is why my advice to people is to do what they dream of, chase their passions, and keep their ears only open to good counsel and good friends, and not to the crowds that scour social media for tittilation and entertainment out of their own joblessless and ignorance of anything larger than their own temporary feelings.
Pushkaraj S Shirke

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