Reclaim Your Body. Reclaim Your Life.

Are you one those people who finds yourself facing a stranger in the mirror?
A complete change in the personality has occurred now compared to 5 years back YOU.
That  fabulous body and beaming face, that confidence for having all the fun with friends, , spouse, kids is now nowhere to be seen?The person that you can see in the mirror is someone much older, duller and thinks twice before wanting to spend any energy on having fun as the mundane takes all the energy now. It was not like this a few years back, and now you wonder how just 5 years have made you look and feel 10 years older, you wonder, ‘Do I even want to be this person after 10 years?’ But you don’t know the way to find this person you want be again  – Yourself!
Know the Problem.
The best way to figure out a solution is, to know and understand your problem.
Let me ease this emotional strain of you being lost,by saying, you are not alone into this, most of us go through this issue . Let me also explain, how these 5 years have made you into another person altogether and give you a solution to the problem. As you grow older your body stops growing, hence drops the caloric  requirement of the body that was needed in the growth phase. The metabolism drops and so does the growth. That means the muscle which is an  active tissue, also starts its wear and tear and the muscle mass reduces. This is a natural process.
No growth phase = less calorie requirement. 
Less muscle = less calorie expenditure. 
Oops!!! It’s a double whammy. But the good news is we have found the problem  to solve!
Few facts one must  must understand :

1) Muscle is an active tissue in your body, that means work is done by this tissue to burn calories. so in simple words more  muscle burn more calories

2) Muscle will never turn into fat or vice a versa. Women with more muscle will always look much much leaner than women with more fat.
3) Being thin does not mean you have more muscle,or you have less fat .It can be a lot more fat than required, inviting physiological problems.
4) Body composition is determined in percentage of fat and muscle to your total body weight .
Variables and Constants.
Age:Drop in metabolism happens around the age of 25-30. This is the age where the natural process of growth stops and the exercise and nutrition has to be added as trigger points to fight the ageing process.

Change in Lifestyle: This is also the time where  women generally get married OR choose a serious career option OR both. This results in dropped metabolism to show increase in fat . There is either no thought given to a workout regime or there comes a big pause in the workout regimen even before it has started showing results.

Nutrition: This becomes an coefficient of lifestyle change. Irregular meals and wrong food choices becomes a norm. When I say wrong food choices , I do not specifically mean the deliberate ones . We all know junk food is bad and we make deliberate effort to avoid it , but most of the times the junk food is replaced by equally unhealthy options that seemingly look and sound healthy . So this has to be very specifically taken care by, with professional guidance.

Hormonal Imbalance:Yes the hormonal imbalance can accelerate the process of dropping the metabolism, taking more toll on the emotional state as well, making you a person you do not want to be.

But this is the time for all of you to try harder to fight these issues rather than accepting them, just like another aspect of your life. Did your school allow you to fail in 3 subjects cause you were good at the rest? No! You worked hard to clear those 3 subjects all 10 years of your life!!! why give up now, when you did not even as kids?The weight gain is not just making you look, feel, behave older, but is bringing along all kinds of physiological disadvantages to you. Now with all these factors affecting how you look ,your mind very smartly plays the blame game card!! We have all heard the grumbles of how marriage or the jobs or the added responsibility of the kids and all other things being blamed upon for the weight gain all the time .  Lets go beyond that and take up the  responsibility to accept the reasons that has actually done the damage and make the change for good.

To find yourself back and never lose yourself again.

We have understood that dropped metabolism with above mentioned factors reduce the muscle mass. The reduced muscle mass makes you fat and look old. So obviously the solution is to stop the muscle loss and try and to increase the percentage of the lean body mass in your body.

  The only way to increase muscle mass is by weight training or resistance training followed by a nutritional plan that allows cell repair(This quality in the nutrient is the reason for the muscle growth and good skin etc.)Its very important to understand that the desired results cannot be achieved only by just expending calories and cutting down the intake of the calories. This kind of routine would rather add fat to your body. So instead of just cutting down the calorie intake, precedence has to be given to cutting down  of the food that has lipogenetic(fat adding properties). Add weight training to the workout routine  and add foods that have cell repair properties.
Activities like running, swimming, squash, tennis will give you endurance and cardiovascular benefits but does not aid in adding or maintaining the  muscle. (As explained in the previous article- No Pain No Gain).

As you must have derived  the formula by now,to achieve good body composition, which is to simply increase the,  ‘Lean body Mass’ to look younger leaner.

The Formula
Strength Training + Cell repairing Nutrition plan

Ideal body composition

It is sad to see people putting in every effort, trying extremely hard, giving in a lot of time and money for activities like running up n down 2 hours, 2 weeks crazy boot camps that make you do numerous activities that are all cardio n endurance OR  eat only fruits for a week OR try other cookie cutter diets, soup diets etc. This actually gives rise to dropped muscle mass making them more vulnerable to adding fat, and they actually look worse in a few months than where they had started off. These are the same people now, that  give up on any diet or fitness programmes,  as according to them they have tried it all and nothing works, but actually makes them add fat .I urge you all to apply this formula and enjoy this beautiful journey.

Personally, not only have I experienced this beautiful anti ageing benefit of weight training, but have also seen a few of my students easily fight their hormonal imbalances, health issues, aches and pains, along with finding their beautiful selves again.You dont need to see a stranger everyday, when you can see yourself, the way you perceive, the way you want to be,THE IDEAL YOU
A little information about my personal journey.

I have been weight training for 8 years now. My intensity is my body weight or more.

Eg: I weigh 55 kgs , and my squat poundage is 60kgs(132lbs).
As I have progressed in the intensity of the weights I have always found myself looking leaner and functioning better. Falling less sick too.
Me : Age way way above 30 [ don’t ask other details 😉 ]
Inactivity:  6 months
Reason : Injury due to a bad fall on stairs
Not so strict not nutritious diet:   3 months.Mind played games told me I miss the gym so I’m sad
Strict Nutritious diet followed : 3 months. when you wake up being called stupid by yourself!
The answer is in front of you, Go for those free weights now and experience that new you!
This article was written during an injury phase (Feb 2015 to August 2015) of mine when I really did not add much weight( I had a huge tendency to add on weight, but with weight training things have started to reverse). I thought it would be great to share the formula with my readers. The picture too is clicked during that phase of not doing anything, but visiting the gym to click selfies.
 weight training actually helps you maintain a good body even during unavoidable break,  age  not being a benefit.

Jui Inamdar
Pilates Master Trainer, Strength Training Coach,
K11 Master Trainer and Sports Nutritionist.
Jui is a faculty member at the reputed K11 Academy of Fitness Sciences and a personal trainer, coach and consultant by profession. An Avid cyclist, adventure travel fanatic femme who loves partying as much as she loves training, loves Bollywood but only on the dance floor and loves dogs no matter where they are.


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