A candid talk about depression and mental health. I was actually answering a bunch of FAQs sent to me by a friend on the topic. But then i realised this could help a lot of other people. SO i went ahead a made a candid video of it. there are no edits and fancy gimmicks in the video, its just a straight heart to heart talk about the topic and a bunch of questions – some of which are very personal to me.


  • As i am learning more and more about the correct nutrition, it seems like the solution to everything. It’s amazing how if we just eat right the magic That’d happen. So is correct nutrition and exercise the cure to mental health issues such as PTSD, Schizophrenia, phobias, anxiety and depression? Without professional help from therapist ?
  • are women more susceptible to having mental health issues ? as I’ve read so. Of course eating carbs messes with the serotonin levels and other hormones such as oxytocin etc… but why is it said that women are more susceptible to it?
  • also many times ppl don’t seek the help they require because of fear of the side effects of anti depressant medicines. Can you throw some light on that?
  • how to decide whether to visit a psychiatrist or a psychologist? – could it be possible for 1 person to have multiple anxiety disorders?
  • how effective is hypnotherapy therapy? – how do ppl who cannot afford therapy reach out for help ? Suicide helplines in india are useless. – are pre workout supplements bad for people suffering from mental health issues? – how do people suffering from such issues find the motivation or energy to carry out their day to day activities?

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