Facts People Need to Know About Treating and Avoiding the Corona Virus

“you cannot conquer a land where every man is a soldier when needed”

The lockdown has proved to be a failure and the outbreak of the corona virus is on a surge.

The government has made multiple announcements about various things, but none addressing what could help manage the crisis on a grassroot level.

I believe empowering the people to help themselves and not to entirely depend on the already over burdedned medical system is the only way out.

Which is why I listed down a few key actionable points that should be common public knowledge from a panel discussion with Dr.Sanjay Oak, Chairman Covid Task Force, Maharashtra and Dr.Shashank Joshi ,Dean, Indian college of Physicians. 

I hope everybody reads this and remembers this. Because like it or not, we will be living with corona for the next two years at least. and whether we develop an immunity to it or not, we or someone close to us, are at some point, going to to exposed to the virus. 

Read on:

1.Covid 19 positive patient if symptomatic and having comorbidities  should only be admitted.

2.Initial line of treatmentVit C 1000 mg per day plus Zinc 50 mg per day plus Tab HCQ 400 mg BD for day 1,followed by 400 mg  OD for 4 days plus Tab. Azithromycin 500 mg OD for 5 days .

3.If HCQ plus Azee contraindicated, then Cap Doxy for 5 days plus Tab Ivermectin for 3 days.

4. Most lives are lost during day 7 to day 14 , when febrile stage already over.

5. Putting patients on invasive ventilator has not helped much as 88 % of those on ventilator died.

6. High flow Nasal Cannula Oxygen is the only and only way of treating patients.

7. Antibody tests are not to be done for diagnosis of cases.

8.It may take few weeks for the test to become negative in some individuals.

9. HCQ is a protective and well tolerated drug for Indians. Police people who  received HCQ prophylaxis had milder illness and lesser deaths as compared to the group that didn’t receive HCQ prophylaxis. Can be safely use in person below 55 years of age. A baseline ECG is recommended.

10. Doctors should not start treatment for Covid only on clinical suspicion. Better get the test done. If ECG and Chest Xray are normal, then can start Tab Azee and Tab HCQ till reports of test awaited.

11. Xrays and HRCT help in diagnosis of Covid19.

12. Close contacts of covid positive patient should also take HCQ prophylaxis even if asymptomatic.

13. Specific advice for home quarantine people to improve their immune status  is as follows:Eat healthy,  eat on time,  eat little less (as lesser activity)Take good protein supplements .Vit C 500 mg BDZinc 50 mg dailyVit D daily 60000 for 3 days and then once a week.Minimum 8 hours sleep.Exercise daily.Avoid foods which make you vulnerable to a sore throat.

14. Avoid alcohol as it makes you vulnerable , each drink increases your chances of getting infection 6 times.

15. Follow SMS i.e: SanitizationMasking (even at home if  having cough,cold) Social distancing.

16. Uncontrolled diabetes brings down immunity. If diabetic, take extreme caution.

Mind you, this is not a call to self medicate, but to be aware. Knowledge, is power.


Pushkraj Shirke  Director,

Project Battlefit


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