Advertising and Sports: A Vicious Cycle 

Illustrated by Artist Luis Quiles

How sold out is your favourite athlete?

Unfortunately, this artist’s illustration is the truth about the modern ‘athlete’. All sold out. And i dont entirely blame the athlete… it’s a vicious cycle. If you don’t have sponsors, you perish. If you get sponsors, you are so blinded, you can’t see where to draw the line between being sponsored and being sold out.
It’s no wonder that so few people at the top ranks of any sport speak the truth anymore.  It’s the most risky thing to do to take advice from ‘celebs’ because you don’t even probably know what brand they have sold their soul to already.  And they are probably just pushing that down your throat – either for profit or to maintain their own self image.  Either ways you lose.
Choose your heroes wisely. Filter what you listen to. Hear everything, but don’t ever lose your own power to reason and distill knowledge.
Keep Progressing.

Pushkaraj S Shirke

Director, Project Battlefit
#sports #athletes #athlete #celebrity #commercialism #media #advertising #fitness #knowledge #wisdom #battlefit #projectbattlefit


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