THE GAMECHANGING FARCE: The Gamechangers Documentary Deconstructed with Facts and Science

There are documentaries and then there are propaganda and ad films. ‘The GAMECHANGERS’ is the latter. A marketing tool for selling Verdiant foods and Ingredion, the Cameron docu farce convincingly fools simple minds into believing shit that isn’t true. After counselling a lot of my clients whose brains suffered this docutardation, i had to sit in front of a camera and put facts and real science in perspective to blow the lid off this vegan propaganda vehicle.
This, is what real science and facts have to say about changing the game.


Ex-adman. Film Director and Photographer. Fitness, Strength Training and MMA enthusiast. Critical thinker. And insane enough to publish materials for free so that i can be downright honest and un-cut and don't have to censor facts to suit sponsors and the 'profit' concerns of publishers.

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